Monday, 17 February 2014


I'm Coming Home

I'm waking up early
Pack up my things 
I've just left the door
My telephone rings:

Good morning Mother
How are you today?
Have you spoken to my sisters?
Is my father away?

When will I next see you?
When are you coming down?
Did you see my last message?
I miss having you around. 

Well I'm doing fine
Just pushing on through 
Saw some friends last night
Was a nice thing to do

The truth is I miss you
I miss my father too
I miss all of us together
Three plus one and you

Well, I'm coming home
Im jumping on that train
I'll be back this evening
I won't go, I'm stayin'.

Sleep (For A Friend)

Where have you been my long lost friend?
Have you been down, by the lakes?
Or maybe on the beach, by the sea and the sand,
And the the sun, dancing on your face.

Or maybe you’ve been down in that basement, 
In that pit of vacant memories.
You shouldn’t go there my friend,
Slip sliding down the stairs.

Do you remember what you played me?
That banging? Like death upon my ear?
You searched my eyes for appreciation, 
Or understanding, or even fear?

I can see you now, in the middle of the street,
Hands open wide, the world at your feet.
Towering behind you like a bat upon the wind, 
She was there - St Mary enter in

Please don’t let your soul be driven away.
From where that spirit lay.
Step out of the car and sleep.
For what you cannot control is not yours to keep.


Dark vibrations
Keep me watching
Wide awake
They’ll never fade
A slave to them
I always will be
Here it is, the price I’ve paid.

In the distance
I see you smiling
In your hands
I see my soul
But here I am
With just a whisper
Far away, out and cold.

And here and there
And all around me
I fear that crack
That whipping wind
Here it comes
It wraps around me
When will I be free of sin

And what am I
But a shadow
Of who I am
Or what I was
I’m at the mercy
Of a whisper
Just a word, and I am gone. 

Dark vibrations
Keep me sleeping
Eyes wide shut
They’ll always be
The setting sun
Brings the night in
I pray to God, to set me free. 

Wild Wandering Wind

Eyes of disdain
Eyes of disdain, they clothe me
Find my refrain
Find my refrain, it finds me

With the stars, they guide me
In the night, they blind me
Carry on….

Coked up in shame
Coked up in shame, you hide me
Failed at this game
Failed at this game, you hold me

With the stars, they guide me
In the night, they blind me
Carry on….

And when did it start?
Me breaking your heart
And when did it start?
Me falling apart

With the stars, they guide me
In the night, they blind me
Carry on….

Wild wandering wind………...

Friday, 17 January 2014


Turning off the lights at night,
Getting on my rusty bike,
To see you.

Moving through the wind and rain,
Making my move in the lovers' game,
To see you.

And I......
I'm Drifting
And I......
I'm Home

Lying in my bed at night,
Thinking 'bout how to write..
I love you.

Hearing screams in my written dreams,
Wake up to a different scene,
I see you.

And I......
I'm Drifting
And I......
I'm Home

Honey I'm here,
I'm singing.
Honey I'm here,
For you.

Honey I'm here,
I'm dreaming.
Honey I'm here,
For you.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Song For Alex

Well, they say that you are beautiful,
Wide-eyed and oh so free,
From pain and all that's pitiful,
Pitiful to me.

A muster of mouths to Marianne,
As the sun comes out to bleed,
A smile is left for Suzie Anne,
And you are left to me.

So delightful and so vulnerable,
You lie there out of view,
Yes you're hidden away in your silent cries,
As your pride got up and grew.

And the waves lap up upon my shire,
As the sun beams down above,
And you lead me to an open door,
You promise all your love.

And the songs ring out around me,
I'm wrapped up in your arms,
I'm in a state of a Summer daze,
I'm in a state of calm.


But a trick's been played upon me,
Yes you've lied through cheating eyes,
My hands begin to claw the air,
There's nowhere left to hide.

Your eyes were too inviting,
Your soft touch had me won,
Your gaze was too enchanting,
My heart beats like drum.


My father he sailed the seven seas,
My mother she loved me dear,
My siblings they looked up to me,
Now I'm no longer here.

So take me away,
Just take me far away,
I never meant to end it,
I didn't get to say......